The Piyang River at Jaflong, day by day losing its natural beauty, it’s going slowly death and now it’s a stone quarry. Jaflong is located at the foot of the beautiful Meghalaya Hills in the northeastern part of Bangladesh. During monsoons, the river currents wash down precious rocks and pebbles. During dry season More than 30,000 men, women and children work as stone laborers. Hundreds continue to migrate to Jaflong in search of jobs at the stone-crushing sites. They dig, pull out the stones, and carry them on their heads to the hundreds of noisy stone-crushing machines. The stone rush has turned the riverbank into a giant, stinking, clanging labyrinth of cranes, fractured rocks, trucks, gaping craters, dunes, boats and shacks. Uncontrolled and unstoppable stone extracting and crushing is harming the environment; endangering the health of workers and threatens the health of the local people.

Bangladesh | 2018